Friday, December 01, 2006

Revolving Matrix

Hi there,
is launching soon, and unlike other matrix programs, this matrix flips upside down every month sending the newest members to the top!

I was a member of another matrix program and I copped on after a while that I was going to be waiting quite a while before I would receive any spillover from my upline.

But with RW, you will earn much quicker than that!

Let's say you join in month 1 (the earlier in the month you join, the more commission you earn), you will earn once the matrix flips. Now the next month you may not earn, but in month 3 you will earn even more commission than in month 1 as the matrix flips again.

And because the matrix grows from BOTH sides, you will start earning commissions in the even months too and these will only grow!

And when you consider that many members will stick with the program because of its genius structure, your commissions will grow at a quick rate.

No more waiting months on end wondering when you're going to earn.

Just check out the homepage for all the details.

All the best,